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Niue: A Nation with Free Internet
Internet Niue: What Now? What's .NU?
A Far-Reaching Charitable Mission Driven By High-Level
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Since the infancy of the World Wide Web, The IUSN Foundation has been at the center of the global movement to keep the Internet open and safe. Empowered by this high-level role in Internet governance, and capitalizing on its success in developing internet services in the Asia-Pacific region, the Foundation has become the world's leading mission-driven charitable organization dedicated to helping emerging nations enter the global Internet community. The IUSN model for innovative provision of charitable services has succeeded in giving the government and people of Niue, an island nation in the Southwest Pacific, the best Internet service in the Pacific and the world's only free Internet.

IUSN derives its operating income entirely from the sale of .NU domain names by its business partner WorldNames, Inc.  The income from the business agreement with WorldNames, Inc. is used by IUSN to fund free Internet access for islanders through Internet Niue as well as infrastructure upgrades needed to ensure world-class service quality and reliability.   Learn More »

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